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FICP Webinars

June 2023: An Economic Outlook for the Events and Hospitality Industry
April 2023: Sustainability, the Human Connection Sponsored by Destination Canada 
April 2023: Travel Confidently - Top Travel Tips for Event Professionals 
February 2023 Business Communications: Managing Difficult Conversations and Expectations
January 2023: Attendee Experience - What’s New and What’s Next?
August 2022: Event Tech Trends - What's New and What's Coming
July 2022: Collaborating With All Partners to Understand Budget Implications
June 2022: Where to Look for Future Events: Unique Solutions to Destination Sourcing 
May 2022: Emotional Intelligence
April 2022: Looking Ahead to Live (Part 2): Re-Inventing Your Space and Locations! 
March 2022: Looking Ahead to Live (Part 1): Re-Inventing Your Events!
February 2022: Creating a Culture: Understanding the 5 Root Causes of Resignation and How to Proactively Lead for Retention
February 2022: A Focus on You
September 2021: How Is Sustainability Influencing Face-to-Face Meetings and Program Design?
August 2021: Effective Leadership: It’s Your Turn
July 2021: The Sustainability Outlook: Food & Beverage
May 2021: FICP: A Culture of Community
April 2021: Your New Normal: High Tech, Low Cost, and DIY
March 2021: Show and Tell: In-Person, Hybrid, and Virtual Events During a Pandemic
February 2021: How to Have Difficult Conversations
January 2021: All Eyes on Contracting: Force Majeure, Cancellations and More! (Follow Up)
December 2020: What About Networking?
October 2020: Health and Hospitality 2.0
September 2020: You Are Not Alone When it Comes to Planning
August 2020: The Strategy Behind Pivoting to Virtual
July 2020: Peace of Mind for You and Your Attendees 
June 2020: Be a Homebound Hero
May 2020: Chain of Communication: Bridging Confidence and the Future of Meetings
April 2020: Are You Digitally Secure? Find Out: Cybersecurity and the Hospitality Professional
March 2020: How to Make Event Feedback Matter 
February 2020: Conference Connexity: Delivering on Your Networking Promise

FICP Chats

June 2023: All Things Event Design, Offerings and Trends
April 2023: The Future of Meetings: Sustainability 
February 2023: Industry Trends and Pulse Check for 2023
December 2022: Maintaining  Resiliency  in the Meetings and Events Industy
October 2022: The Future of Meetings - Pulse Check
June 2022: The Future of Meetings - Event Designs, Offerings, and Trends
February 2022: The Future of Meetings: 2022 and Beyond
December 2021: What is the Outlook for 2022 and Beyond?
October 2021: Supporting Each Other Through Challenging Times
August 2021: Navigating Through Transition
June 2021: The Return of In-Person Events -- Best Practices for a Successful Event
April 2021: Focusing on Virtual/Hybrid Along with Technology 
March 2021: The Future of Meetings, 2021
October 2020: Engagement Strategies for Your Team and Your Attendees
October 2020: Hybrid Meetings: The Bridge to Bringing Back In Person Meetings
September 2020: Your Career During COVID
August 2020: Going Virtual Part 2
July 2020: The Future of Meetings: Sustainability
June 2020: Are You Taking Care of Yourself?
May 2020: Booking Group Business in the Future: The RFPs, Proposals and Negotiations Before Going to Contract
April 2020: Focusing on Operations and Logistics

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